Rinse My Music Review – Rinse Your iTunes Music Library

rinse logoAfter dealing with broken music tags and iTunes organizational hell for many years it was a relieving day when I first discovered the program Rinse My Music. As with most things promising a lot on the web, one can’t help but be skeptical with the features promised by Rinse.

Automatically cleaning up your music seems like quite the complex process for a program to perform but what an amazing concept if the program could get the job done correctly and efficiently.

So there I sat on the Rinse homepage with my finger itching to download the program and give it a try. Since they offer a free trial, I thought what could I possibly have to lose? Well there was really only the risk of the software doing more damage than good when attempted to fix my library. If you would like to make your own evaluation of the software and try the free trial version yourself, you can start the install process by simply clicking the download button below.

None the less, I gave the program a whirl and unleashed the simple plugin on my mess of an iTunes library. Below I will walk you through my experience with the program highlighting it’s strengths and weaknesses than conclude the review with a final score on the programs overall performance.

First things first, so what exactly are the features that Rinse offers?

*Remove Duplicate Songs

*Fix Broken Songs Tags

*Find Missing Cover Art

*Organize Song Genres

So these are the features included in the Rinse software and the promise is to “seamlessly organize and repair your iTunes music library”. After downloading the software I was immediately impressed with the simplicity and user friendliness of the interface.

Fix Track Names in iTunes

First I began using the fix songs option. This was by far the most important feature for me because my song titles were in utter chaos.

Songs labeled “Track 01″, “unknown artist” or with multiple variations for the same artist such as Notorious B.I.G. vs Biggy Smalls. For the purpose of this review I used a sample of 500 songs to give an accuracy score on how many Rinse was able to fix properly.

The results were stifling. Out of the 500 miscellaneous I threw at Rinse, the program managed to correctly rename 467. Giving Rinse a 93.4% success rate at fixing my broken song names. Keep in mind this number will vary from song collection to song collection because the obscurity of people’s songs will always be different. For my collection though the majority of the songs that I used for the test sample were not entirely mainstream.

As a side note, I would recommend only trying to fix about 50 songs at a time so the program doesn’t get overloaded and you can be sure things are working correctly. I have heard of a few bad experiences out there with Rinse so you have to be somewhat cautious at first, but these seem to be isolated incidents.

Get Cover Artwork

The second step in the music cleanup process is to use the album art finding feature. For your songs that have missing covert art this can become a real annoyance when flipping your iPhone or iPod touch into cover flow view. Scrolling through a bunch of blank album covers basically renders this feature worthless. A feature that is highly useful for quick and easy music browsing.

So once my song information had been restore, I was really impressed with this feature of Rinse. Almost all of the songs that were corrected also had appropriate album covers restored as well. So the percentage remained the same for this function. Now I was in business, ready to hit the streets with my iPhone and have the ability to finally use the cover flow view with out being disgusted by the blank covers.

The other thing that really impressed me about this feature is that all the album art was the original image at it’s highest resolution. Saving me the trouble of searching around the web for a quality image, the program took care of all the busy work for me.

Remove Duplicate Songs

For my library this was sort of like carrying around a boulder with me everyday on my walk to work. Complete wasted space on my iPhone and iTunes library. This problem would always flare it’s head up when I would be out running or working out. Right when I would get in the zone, a duplicate song would come up and I’d have to stop, pull out my mp3 player and change the song manually. Nothing breaks your rhythm like this accept for the talkative workout partner.

Considering I work out alone, duplicate songs were my only distraction and for someone who takes a workout serious this was a real problem. With Rinse I could believe how quickly the program found my duplicates and gave me the option to either delete them one by one or automatically. At this point I had gained quite a bit of faith in the program and the majority of my songs were properly named so I let her rip. Goodbye duplicate songs. I felt like my hard drive could take a sigh of relief for having this useless weight holding it up. Even though it was probably less than 1gb, ever bit counts.

Organize Genres

This was a feature that I initially didn’t see holding too much value. But none the less I used it to streamline my library a little bit more. Mainly for songs that were in genres very similar to one another I put them in the same category. Like Rap/R&B, I just moved all into Rap and made a separate category for R&B. But for those with songs in many different genres this feature can be incredibly handy and save you quite the headache of manual organization.

Rinse Review Conclusion

Overall, I was very impressed with Rinse My Music. Initially I was nervous about unleashing the program on my precious iTunes library that I had worked so hard on building. But in the end it was a great decision and worth every penny of the asking price. It really boils down to the size of your music library. If you have a small music library than forking out $39 is probably out of the question for you and you can try your luck with a free script or do the job by hand. But if you have 1000s of disorganized and mislabeled songs this is definitely a great program for the job. Also keep in mind that you can take advantage of our current available Rinse Discount Code for up to 20% off the total cost of the program. The current 20% off deal reduces the total price down to $31.20 instead of $39 making quite the substantial difference for those of us iTunes user on a budget.

To conclude this review, I’m going to give Rinse 4.75 stars out of 5. It only had a few hiccups during the cleanup process and damn near fixed everyone of my songs. If your hesitant about the program than I recommend downloading the free trial first and seeing it work first hand. Be as cautious as you like and only fix a few songs at a time, than when you see it work you can get more aggressive with it. Download the program by CLICKING the Download Now button below…