About Us

Artwork for iTunes was started by two web savvy music nuts who both shared a passion for a clean and organized iTunes library. After dealing with the ongoing hassle of trying to import album art from various sources on the web, we decided to put our web development brains together and offer people a helpful resource for cleaning up their music collections. One of the most prevalent problems that we found when it came to people’s iTunes libraries was missing album cover art. And for this reason we decided to attack this issue head on.

No one likes flipping their iPod into the cover flow view and seeing blank album covers riddled throughout their library. Some people just deal with it, but with both of us being somewhat OCD when it came to our mp3 libraries, this was something we just had to find a solution to. Than suddenly artworkforiTunes.com was born, a site dedicated to providing people with easy and free access to a vast database of album covers and detailed song information.

We also soon found that the problems with iTunes ran much deeper than just missing cover art. For most users, song information or meta data can also be a complete mess. Libraries full of “track 01”s and songs labeled “unknown artist” seemed to be the norm for everyone we asked. So we took our site a step further and offered detailed track listings along with our free cover art database.

Editing song information and adding album art can be a very tedious process so our goal was to make the task as easy as possible for our fellow music lovers. Our mission is to offer a one-stop shop for all cover art and song info finding needs. And this is how our journey began, giving us the motivation to create the site you see here today. Its been a long hard road, but as the site continues to evolve and we are always proud to give thousands of visitors each day easy access to music data in a highly user friendly system.