iTunes CD Cover Art – How to Get Artwork for iTunes with 3 Simple Methods

itunes cover artwork Hello friends and welcome to our blog on fixing and adding album art for iTunes! Below you will find our in depth guide on how to get iTunes cover art missing throughout your music library.

If you happen to download songs from sources on the web other than directly from the iTunes store, you might run into the problem of missing cover art. This problem actually occurs quite often. It will also occur when you import songs from say a burned cd into iTunes and than import the songs into your library.

So what is a person to do about this annoying problem? Especially if you happen to download songs on the regular, this missing cover art problem will be spreading like wild fire. Below you will find three different methods of recovering album art, but if you are like us and don’t like to take the hard route, download the FREE version of a handy album art recovering tool through the download button below…

In just a few clicks this tool can help you automatically find missing artwork for all of your iTunes songs.

Method #1 – How To Find Album Art on iTunes

Well there are several approaches you can take to remedy this problem. First we will start by explaining a free and manual way of adding missing cover art to your library. For this method your best friend is going to be Start by visiting Amazon and searching for the album you need cover artwork for. Next click the image so it expands and you get the larger view of the image. The next step is to right click the image and click ‘save as’ to save the image to your computer.

Note: Be sure to save the image to a location that you will be able to find easily.

Now open up iTunes and drag the image file into the location for the album in your library view. This process will get the job done but can be very time consuming if you have a large amount of songs to find artwork for. So if this is the case, you will really like method #3 which will be explained shortly. Here are the steps in a simple list so you can follow them a little easier.

Step 1. Visit the homepage

Step 2. Search for the artist and album you are needing cover art for

Step 3. Click the album image to expand the image

Step 4. Right click the image and save it to your computer

Step 5. Open iTunes and drag the image into the missing album spot

Method #2 – Built in iTunes

This method is by far the easiest and quickest way, but unfortunately it is the least effective. Built into iTunes there is the option of using the “Get Album Artwork” feature. Just open iTunes and click the advanced tab. Next click ‘Get Album Artwork’, but don’t be surprised when not too many album covers are recovered. This will usually only work for the songs you have downloaded from iTunes which will already have artwork obviously.

Reference the image below…

Method #3 – Automated Artwork Finding Without the Hassle

Finally, the Automated method! Now that you know about the traditional methods, its time to unveil the holy grail of iTunes art finding software. With the help of a two newly released program named Rinse and Tuneup Media, you can automatically get album artwork for iTunes in just a matter of minutes.

This is truly the best method for the die hard music collector. Not only can you find your missing cd art, you can also fix missing or incorrect song info automatically and remove duplicate songs. Songs labeled “track 01″ or “unknown artist” will be restored to their proper names with just a few clicks of the mouse along with fully automated duplicate removal.

Once you install the software, the program lines up directly with iTunes and allows you to find all missing cover art throughout you library. It works by taking a small sound snippet from each song and matching that song snippet with their vast database of song info and cover art. From their it returns the correct image and automatically fixes your cover flow. This is by far the top recommended method for those who want the job done right and without any hassle or busy work done on their part.

Step 1. First is a link to our Rinse My Music Review which gives a detailed walk-through of the program’s performance and dependability.

Step 2. Next you can visit our Tuneup Media Review to find out more about this iTunes artwork finder and its relative cleanup power.

Both reviews will give you a solid and objective perspective on both programs to help you get the best idea of which application is right for cleaning up your music and restoring your iTunes art.

We have created in depth reviews of both programs to help you make your choice as to which is best suited for your library cleanup needs. The links above will take you to our newly published reviews available for your reading pleasure. After you go through these thorough reviews and analysis, you can also check out our comparison to get a better idea of what each program has to offer in a comparison format.

To make the decision process easy and painless we have completed a side-by-side comparison of both applications for you to read through and help make the ultimate decision as to which program is the best cover art finding solution for your media library. Start by visiting the following link to our Rinse vs Tuneup comparison to see both programs side-by-side and their potential cleanup power for your mp3 files thoroughly analyzed. Its the perfect place to clear up any confusion you might have and figure out which program has the right attributes suited for your album art recovery needs.

If you would like to initiate the download process of a free trial of the either program, just click the download buttons below and begin to explore the program’s capabilities. Download Rinse on the left and Tuneup on the right. Enjoy!